FIBARO Motion Sensor

Product Overview

The FIBARO Motion Sensor is a worldwide multi-sensor that is Z-Wave. The device measures light intensity and temperature as well as detect movement. To detect any tampering of the device the sensor has an in-built accelerometer. The FIBARO Motion Sensor is designed to be installed quickly on any surface and is battery powered. To see if the gadget is contained by the Z-Wave set-up you can use the LED indicator signals motion, operating mode and temperature level. For monitoring safety systems and lighting scenes you can use the sensor.

Product Highlights

  • Distinctive design
  • Detects changes in temperature and even the slightest motion
  • Can detect earthquake
  • Battery powered
  • Wireless communication via Z-Wave protocol
  • Well-matched with Z-Wave+ Controller or any Z-Wave
  • With AES-128 encryption supports protected mode (Z-Wave network security mode)
  • Wireless software update
  • Power Supply: 3.6 VDC, CR123A battery
  • IN directive compliance: LVD 2006/95/WE; RoHS II; EMC 2004/108/WE; R&TTE 1999/5/WE
  • Suggested fixing height: 2.4m
  • Operational Temperature: 0 – 40°C
  • Measured Temperature Range: -20 to 100°C
  • Light Intensity Measuring Range: 0 – 32000 LUX.
  • Temperature Measuring Accuracy: 0.5°C (within 0°C-40°C range).
  • Range: Up to 30m indoors (depending on building structure); up to 50m outdoors.
  • Frequency- 865.2 Mhz Legal Indian Frequency
  • Radio protocol: Z-Wave
  • We often forget to turn off the light before going out or going to bed. A simple way to save the energy is installing Motion Sensor integrated with lighting system. When someone enters the room lamps will automatically turn on and when no movement is detected lights will automatically turn off.
  • If left by themselves children can damage your priceless belongings, especially important documents. To take care of your valuables all you need is a Motion Sensor. The information will be sent to your phone when the sensor detects movement in the room. You can decide whatever action you wish to take.
  • Children are afraid of the dark. Hence, it becomes difficult for them to fall asleep when you turn off the lights. There is no need for your children to get up to turn on the lamp if you have Motion Sensor at home. After the child falls asleep the sensor will automatically turn off the light after detecting if there is any movement in the bed.
  • Children can sleepwalk at night, which can bother you because of the fear that they might get hurt. Whenever motion is detected in the hallway at night Motion Sensor will send you a notification.
  • Even when motion is detected, Motion Sensor turns on the lights in the room only if it is necessary. The device is capable of distinguishing day from night, thanks to built-in light sensor. Only after sunset or on a cloudy day lamps will be turned on.