FIBARO Relay Switch 1x2,5kW

Product Overview

Fibaro On/Off Relay Switch is Radio controlled and designed to be installed in standard wall switch boxes, or wherever it is required to function an electric device up to 10A. Fibaro On/Off Relay Switch can switch on or off connected device either through the wall switch linked directly to it or radio waves.

Installation in 3-minute

All it takes is just 3 minutes to install Fibaro modules. Take out a given switch from the wall, separate it from the wires coming out of the wall, connect the wires to the Fibaro module and reconnect the switch to the module. Physical installation will be complete when you screw the switch into the wall.

Miniaturized structure

Each Fibaro System module is the smallest devices of this type in the world. It is only 37.0 mm wide, 42.5 mm long, and 15.9 mm high. Fibaro System has other advantages like reliability, neat appearance, and perfection.

  • Single relay switch capable of operating a load of up to 2.5KW (10A)
  • Controlled through other Fibaro devices or any Z-Wave controller
  • Can use mains or alternative power supply for load (including DC)
  • Works with AC power supply only (110-230V AC)
  • Requires 3-wire (including neutral) installation
  • For controlling 2-way installations or additional associated devices there is a second switch input