FIBARO Relay Switch 2x1,5kW

Product Overview

FIBARO Double On/Off Relay Switch is radio controlled and can be fixed in standard wall switch boxes, or wherever it is required to operate two independent devices of combine current up to 10A. It uses radio waves to switch on or off connected devices. You can also operate it through the wall switch linked directly to it.

Product Highlights

  • Controlled through other FIBARO devices or any Z-Wave controller.
  • Microprocessor controlled.
  • The smallest device in the world of the type
  • Power Source: 110V – 230V +/-10% 50/60Hz.
  • Power Source: 24-60V DC ±10%.
  • Max. single AC output: 8A / 230V 50/60Hz..
  • Max. combined power output (resistive loads only) – 2 x 1,5 kW (it may be necessary to connect lower output in case of loads other than resistive in order to protect the switch from damage).
  • Max. single DC output: 8A / 30V.
  • Conforms to UE requlations:EN55022 (radio wave interference), EN61000-6 (safety of use).
  • Overheating protection: safety off at 105°C
  • Overheating protection: safety off at 105°C
  • Ambient temperature: 10°C – 40°C.
  • To be mounted in standard wall switch boxes Ø ≥50mm.
  • Radio protocol: Z-Wave.
  • Radio Frequency 865.2 MHz IN.
  • Antenna range: up to ca. 50 meters outdoor, or up to 30 meters inside (depends on building structure).
  • Outside dimensions (L x W x H) 42mm x 36mm x 15mm.
  • Frequency- 865.2 Mhz Legal Indian Frequency
  • We often forget to turn off lights and electronic devices in our homes when we go out. With FIBARO Relay Switch you can turn off all lights and appliances with one button. This way you can reduce energy consumption and save on electricity bills.
  • Rushing to office without even having time for a cup of coffee? FIBARO can manage your mornings better. It will wake you up by automatically opening the blinds and raising the temperature in your room. When the motion is detected on the way to the bathroom your coffee machine will be automatically switched on!