Benefits – Comfortable Lifestyle

With INKA appreciate the convenience of technology and peace of mind
Let Technology work for you

You have the ability to control electrical appliances and lighting, with the simple tap of your finger on your favourite internet device

Enjoy the convenience of controlling your home from anywhere and peace of mind, knowing that everything is fine

Hereafter, you never have to worry about running home to open the door for your children after school

By using INKA easily save precious time and experience more daily productivity

With so many stresses in daily life, INKA reduces at least one from the list, by being able to see what is going on at home without physically being there.

An automated system provides unparalleled convenience to the owner. By having a living place that is self-sufficient to automatically perform routine functions through a smart phone or with a few clicks of buttons, offers a lot of convenience to the family members. You can switch on your water heater, ac, even put off the lights, which are still on when you came out. You can also close the window curtains, brew your coffee in the coffee maker or turn on the smart home theater, or even fill your bathtub even before reaching your home.

Good Mood Provider

After hard day's work you deserve to relax. All you have to do is start a programmed relax scene with a push of a button. Your intelligent home will do the rest - adjust the temperature, music volume and lighting scenes. Pastel colors will help you calm down and forget about the stress. Experience your own haven of peace.

home automation
home automation
House Alerts with Colors

Your intelligent house reacts to anything happening around and informs you about it with colors of light. The RGBW Controller also informs you about any event you can imagine.


Connect the Wall Plug to a game console or TV in the children's room and you can decide when your children use the connected devices. You can permanently set the availability of the devices and remotely control their operation.

home automation
home automation
For the Youngsters...

The Motion Sensor will wait & turn off the bedside lamp after your child falls asleep. Your little one will fall asleep peacefully, without stress, and you won't have to worry about the bills